Olusegun David Oyeside Ministries (ODOM) was founded by Pastor Olusegun David Oyeside. It is the umbrella organisation comprising network of Triumphant Life Covenant Church, publishing arm of the Shield House (Church), Light Production (Film Production), Welfare Projects, Bible School (Triumphant Life Leadership Institute), Mission Projects which include schools and hospital.

The mission of Pastor Olusegun David Oyeside founder and President of Olusegun David Oyeside Ministries (ODOM) as an Apostle of Genesis 1:28 are:-

  1. To make it here on earth and also make heaven.
  2. To fulfil the potential in Gen. 1:28 through Worship, Maturity, Ministry, Mentorship and Mission (5MS).
  3. To raise believers who will be blessed and be a blessing to their generation.
  4. To have a Christian family worldwide who will be matured to dominate their environment.
  5. To have a Christian family in all nations of the world who will fellowship with each other.